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Automobile Accidents/Crashes


Automobile Accidents/Crashes

Many things in life have changed over the years.  What to do in an auto accident/crash situation is one of those. 

There is no simple answer that covers all types of accidents.  The following are just some things you should try to do if you are able.

  1.  Relax as best you can.

  2. Look to see if anyone is obviously injured in your vehicle

  3. If you have a phone, call for an ambulance if needed and if no one is injured, call the police!

  4. Exchange information with the driver(s) of any other vehicle(s) involved if possible.  License plates numbers and state are most helpful if nothing else is obtained. 

  5. Once the accident is cleared and you are able, call your insurance agent to see what to do next.

automobile accident/crash

The photo here is interesting.  The more you look at it, the more you see!  Can you tell where this is?  It is at the north end of Bradford Basiliere Bridge looking towards Bradford Square. 

Do you know what time of year it is?  See the snow tires on the vehicle the back towards you?  And the trees that are visible appear not to have leaves.  The man in the Woolworth doorway has short sleeves.  Maybe a warm April day?  

Do you notice what time of day it is?  Look how fancy the lights are on the Bridge.  What year would this be?  Do you know vehicles well enough to know the newest one in this photo?  Maybe 1958 or 1959?  And how many miles to Boston?  Route 125 was the major Route  in those days. 

If you had to say, which vehicle was at fault here?  Notice how the photographer was there before the Police or Ambulance?  What else can you add to this picture?  Let us know and please leave a comment! We would love to hear from you!


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