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What to consider when your son or daughter gets their license


new license driver

Five Ideas to Consider When Your Son or Daughter is First Licensed to Drive


  1. Are they clear on what the law is for a new driver? If they are not, they are headed for trouble.
  2. Has someone explained to them how important it is that they never loan the vehicle to someone else?
  3. Have you had the strong conversation about phone calls and texting while driving?  Their life and the lives of others are at very high risk if not.
  4. Have you ridden with them to see how well they drive? Be sure they don’t need to have more time with you before they go off on their own.  Just because they are of age doesn’t mean they are ready to drive alone.
  5. Did you have a conversation with your Insurance Agent to be sure you are covered? It’s important that you understand what this new risk means to you and all you own.


We will spend the time with you to make you feel more comfortable with your new driver.

 Most parents go through this. You’ll do fine, being smart and informed.




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